Vintage, antique and curious things from all over the world.

Antiques & vintage store in Genoa, since 1976.

We truly believe in the value of history: buying a piece of antique trade is a journey in the life of someone who lived in another time, and the ancient emotions tied to that artifact will be added to yours.

For those looking for antiques in Genoa that are not only local, but with international proposals and beauty from all eras.

Rattopennugo is not just an antique shop . We have a very peculiar selection of italian and european antiques and vintage objects : from Renaissance to the '50s, it's a true art show where you can get inspired for your home interior design.

Are you looking for something different, original and functional at the same time? Explore our gallery and find out which unique object of our selection of antiques is waiting for you!

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An antiques store in Genoa but…we like to travel!

Whether you are in Milan, Moscow, New York or Helsinki, it doesn’t matter to us: we can deliver even over long distances.

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Il negozio si trova nella zona di via Garibaldi, la strada dei Musei, presso Vico Stella 24 Rosso.

The shop is near via Garibaldi, the "Museums road", in vico Stella 24 rosso. It is the heart of one of the largest historic centers of Europe, so rich of culture and history that it can't help but enchant you with its labyrinthine "caruggi" (genoese word for "alley"), scattered in all its surface.

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