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Old Swedish XXL sign

Signboard - Stockholm, Sweden - Liberty period - Early 1900s - Lacquered and painted iron.

Sign that reads "Antikhandel" meaning "Antiques shop" in Swedish, in fact coming from Stockholm.

Liberty period, early 1900s, all in green painted iron with white writing and flower.

It is a "flag sign", therefore it must be placed horizontally, written and decorated on both sides, of extra size and weight and in excellent general condition.

The signboard (we tried, but the Genoese bureaucracy does not allow us to place it for our shop) is absolutely usable and can be hung on the wall, using the original tie rod and support.

But isn't that just adorable ?!

Height: 60 cm

Width: 163 cm

Depth: 5 cm

Price: 550 €

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