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Pair of Tramp Art prints

Pair of prints - France - Art Nouveau Period - Early 1900s - Original carved wooden frames.

Pair of small chromolithographs depicting the before and after of a courtship during an eighteenth-century style masquerade party: how many commitment and dedication are lavished by a Him in a red jacket and wig! In the first scene we observe him at work on the left of the print, in the park of a Palazzo, while she flirtatiously rejects the advances. In the background other guests come out and on the right a "marpione" (in Italian he is a man who think to be the most desiderable in the world!) tries to woo a guest.

The second scene depicts the successful outcome of the attentions of Him: in an ultra-romantic setting, secluded from prying eyes (except for the mandolin player disguised as Pierrot) at the seaside and surrounded by flowers, she finally allows herself for a kiss.

Typical representations of French Art Nouveau, these two chromolithographs, in addition to the originality of the "before and after", are special for the frames in which they are mounted: the carved and patina wood are a simplified and European example of Tramp Art , artistic cabinet-making developed in America in the early Twentieth Century, specializing in superimposing and rigid ornaments, the best example of which were the frames.

Note the subtlety of inserting carved wooden elements as internal passepartout to the prints.

Wear and small lacks, but in general very good condition.

Price for each print.

Height: 17 cm

Width: 42 cm

Price: 130 €

Free shipping included (only in Italy, islands excluded)

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