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Antique Bouillotte lamp

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Table lamp - Paris - 19th Century - Silver metal - 3 lights.

Rattopennugo adores these table lamps which in antiquaries are called Bouillotte: Paris, 1800s.

They were born as candlesticks, subsequently electrified and were placed on the desks of the powerful of the time or those who wanted to be.

Ours has three flames with a vintage lampshade which, by means of a wheel that screws onto a vertical shaft, rises and falls to increase or decrease the light. As with all self-respecting Bouillotte, ours also has a circular base, but the feature that makes it unique is the metal used: it is rare to see Bouillotte created in silver-plated metal, usually brass, which is cheaper.

Small specks on the ivory cotton lampshade and yellow trimmings, patina structure with some wear, but general conditions more than excellent.

As always, electrical system checked and brought back up to standard.

Style icon, a classic that will never go out of style.

Measures are with lampashades on.


Height: 60 cm

Diameter: 24 cm

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