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Antique Nativity Painting


Nativity - Genoa - 19th Century - Oil on canvas - Walnut veneer frame, ebonized wood profile.

Oil on canvas of the Genoese School, 1800s, depicting a Nativity with St. John.

The composition is one of the most classic and the iconography is therefore very recognizable: with a sweet way the Madonna observes the Jesus on her lap as he caresses the face of St. John, crouched by his side. In the background a landscape just hinted at, with these naive trees that stand out vertically, certainly inspired by Leonardo.

The painting is of good size, wear on the canvas, but no breakage.

Set in its original patina veneered walnut frame, profiled in ebonized wood, also with some shortcomings, but which the price absolutely considers it.



67 cm


70 cm


3 cm

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