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Antique quail egg holder set


80 €

Egg holder - Italy - About mid-1900s - Turned and decorated wood - No. 8.

This set of 8 quail egg holders is the stylish and funny antique that Rattopennugo likes to treat.

In "hard" wood (perhaps olive wood) turned and painted with green and red stripes, it was found in Italy and dates back to around the middle of the 20th century.

It should be noted that, being handcrafted, the dimensions of the egg cups are different from each other, but similar and possess that imperfect and charming grace that only the antique can convey.

A small lack on the edge of two egg cups, the other 6 perfect.

Obviously usable to impress your guests with class.

The price is for the set of 8.


5 cm


2 cm

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