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Antique English snuffbox

Snuffbox - England - Folk Art - 19th century - Turned wood.

Can't sleep at night thinking about the Folk Art of the English countryside and rural Welsh areas? Ok, maybe not ... But it is instead the last great passion of Rattopennugo!

And this 19th century snuffbox in turned wood that comes from those areas is a perfect example of this style.

But what is Folk Art ?! In Italian we can translate it (badly!) Popular Art, but in England and neighboring areas it rises to a broader and more complex meaning: the craftsmanship that reaches poetry, the simplification of forms that appear to be drawn by a child, but which in reality hide a skill that makes us understand how much these spontaneity and infantilism are desired, studied, sought after. When being simple means being complex.

With lid, nice size and perfect proportions, rustic element to place anywhere.

Patina, wear and scratches: as it should be for this delightful object created in the countryside, but now for the finest collectors.

Height: 20 cm

Diameter: 11 cm

Price: 180 €

Free shipping included (only in Italy, islands excluded)

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