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Antiques, vintage objects and furniture evaluation

It’s not so easy to evaluate an object or a piece of furniture: you probably inherited an antique piece, or you’re just decluttering your grandpa’s basement and you may have found something valuable, but you can’t tell for sure.

Would you like to evaluate it but don’t know who to ask?

"Trust is gained drop by drop, but it’s lost in liters"
(Jean-Paul Sartre)

Our clients’ trust is our most important value: it allow us to keep our business alive and we know that very well. So, we don’t take antiques evaluation lightly: an antique item has very specific requirements, such as historical era, style and versatility. We love to buy antique pieces and transform them, giving them an all new purpose.

From a commode to a TV cabinet, from a merchant chest to a coffee table...the only limit is good taste!

Why choose us?


We only buy antiques that we really like: our storehouse is full and we don’t want to waste time, neither ours nor yours.

We have profound knowledge of art history and we can tell you the possible attribution to currents and “Schools of art”, or even to a famous artist

We provide detailed reports, based on 40 years of experience in the field

Don’t you trust yet?We can put your piece in account sales, keeping only 25% of the selling price.

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Our antiques evaluation criteria


Conservative state




Bits of history

The most expensive wardrobe in the world

t’s italian, precisely from Florence: it’s the Badminton wardrobe, created in the Opificio delle Pietre Dure (literally “factory of hard rocks”) in 1976 and auctioned off for 27 million dollars!armadio Badminton, realizzato presso l’Opificio delle Pietre Dure nel 1976 e battuto all’asta per ben 27 milioni di dollari!

Artificial intelligence can now recognize “fakes”

In a research of the Fine Art Expert Institute, in Geneva, more than half of the artworks around the world are not authentical.