Vintage, antique and curious things from all over the world.
La nostra storia

"Antiques is a world you enter and never leave. And you are happy about it!"

Nice to meet you!

My name is Elena Pesce, I’m 35, Conservation of Cultural Assets graduate and owner of Rattopennugo. Do you want to know how it started and how I arrived here? Well, the story begins almost 43 years ago…
Elena Pesce, proprietaria di Rattopennugo

Once upon a time...

...in a tiny shop in the old town, with very low vaulted ceilings and inexistent windows, was a young and ambitious woman: it was Laura Poggi, my mom. The name “Rattopennugo” (in dialect means “bat”) was born right there: a friend of hers, a painter, came in for the first time and exclaimed: “It really looks like a bat cavern!” Rattopennugo started as a prints and frames shop, but it has taken a different direction during the years, even including every kind of furnishing element and expanding to new services, such as restoration and evaluations. Since 1976 Laura has managed her business with patience and wisdom, allowing me to help her, until I effectively took over the business.

From generation to generation, unavoidably

When I was a little girl, I didn’t think about following in family’s footsteps. But antique trade has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I wasn’t at school, while my friends were playing to the park, I was always in the store. It was very funny, especially during Christmas time: I liked to roam around the shop, talk to the clients, listen to their stories...and I still love it!

The best part was the travelling, even if, with the eyes of a child…

My parents travelled a lot around Italy and Europe, looking for new pieces to sell, and forcing me to follow them. I did not always want to, but I didn’t have any choice. At the time, I'd rather hang out at my house with my friends, in Genoa; today and with the eyes of experience, I had a chance of a rare opportunity, that very few other kids can tell: formative, fulfilling, that made me fall in love of my future job. I keep that memories in my heart with gratitude.

“You understand you’re on the right path when you’re doing something you’re good at”

I realized it was my lifetime job when I closed my first sale: a kitchen table, to a lovely Genoese man. I was sweaty and trembling like a leaf, but I did it!

Our mission

We deal with antiques accessible to all, pursuing the right balance between exclusivity and versatility. We love to give furniture a new purpose or a new location: so an outdoor furniture could fit in a living room, a library chandelier...in the bedroom! Our watchword are spontaneity and joy: it’s nice to create a relationship of complicity with the customer and truly understand what his needs are.

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in a learning experience.

If you come across my mom Laura, you’ll probably leave with new notions of antiques history: she could tell you the difference between ancient chandeliers and those born after the XIX century, or how an astronomer pendulum clock works. Because it’s important to us to make you love our world, whether you want to sell, buy or just shop around.
Wanna see my world?

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