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Ancient Baroque holy water stoup

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Holy water stoup - Genoa - Baroque Period - Early 1700s - Carved and gilded wood, copper.

Holy water stoups, like all objects from the past that have lost their “everyday life” or their use, are objects for collectors.

The one we are offering you today is in carved wood and gilded with gold leaf, with a beautiful patina color.

Genoese, full Baroque Period, then the very early 18th Century with original metal tray now oxidized.

Note the skill of the sculptor who made his own the stylistic dictates of opulence that defined the Baroque Era.

Obviously it can also not be used as a container for holy water in churches, but place it in your home as a simple decorative element full of history and charm, like a painting or a sculpture.

Old repairs and shortcomings, which the price takes into account, but which do not affect the artistic value of antiquity.


Height: 40 cm

Width: 35 cm

Depth: 7 cm

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