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Here are our online antiques: you can find ancient rarities and curiosities from all over the world. Remember that the warehouse of our online antiques is constantly updated and, if you don't find the antique that's right for you, write to us: it could be an article on the way or we can find it for you.
Explore our gallery and find out which antiques are right for you!


Did you fall in love with an article from our online antiques section, but you live in Kazakhstan?

Don't worry: we ship all over the world! Write to us by mail or via mail o via WhatsApp and we will study the safest and cheapest shipping to get our antiquity safe and sound to your home.

Ok, I fell in love, but how to pay for an article in the online antiques section?

We accept bank transfers in Euros and, as soon as we receive the credit, we will professionally pack your beloved antiques, without adding packaging costs.

What if I'm furnishing my new home and I'd like to own one of your online antiques, but I still have the workers and I don't know when we'll be ready?

Well, also for this reason write to us or call us and we will talk about it together: we offer a free custody service.

Do you need a evaluation of an antique? 

Contact us for a price quotation

Did you know...?

Bits of history

Precise as a Swiss watch... no, German!

Peter Henlein, watchmaker in Nuremberg - Germany, is often considered the inventor of the watch. He was the first to invent the pocket watch. 

Do you want to learn more? Here's the link to Wikipedia page!

What's the difference between glass and crystal?

The real difference is given by the lead oxide, which makes glass brighter and more sonic. 
The most famous is the Bohemia crystal, created in XIII century in a northern monastery of the current Czech Republic and handed down to the present day and exported all around the world. 
For more info click here click here

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