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Antique fake books box

Faux books box - Paris - Empire Period - Very early 1800s - Wrought leather - Original key - Secret drawer.

Rattopennugo is proud to show you this rarity: in antiques it is called "Coffret à liqueur" and is a trompe l'oeil travel box that pretends to be four stacked ancient books, but actually opens, revealing its function: an antique pocket "mobile bar".

Paris, early 1800s, Empire Period, complete and original set (except for two smaller glasses, albeit antique).

Important dimensions, complete with 10 larger and 8 smaller glasses and its three original bottles painted with typical motifs of the most chic nineteenth-century Paris.

Note the details: the leather inside the box is outlined in gold to create a à la capitonnè motif; the tab for sliding the paperback part that hides the lock is also in original leather and, on the back, is lined with an antique floral paper; the working brass key; the secret drawer divided into compartments ; the patina of the paperback of the books ...

For collectors.

Height: 27 cm

Width: 41 cm

Depth: 30 cm

Price: 2200 €

Free shipping included (only in Italy, islands excluded)

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