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Antique English extendable table

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Extendable table - London - Queen Victoria Period - Mid 1800s - Solid mahogany wood - 3 extensions.

Rattopennugo loves to deal with antique and practical furniture and, over the decades, has specialized in extendable tables that go from very small to very large.

What we offer today comes from London, around the mid-1800s, the era of the legendary Queen Victoria.

All in solid mahogany, it has 3 original extensions always in the same wood and also has two side strips that lower and even allow it to be placed next to the wall.

6 fluted legs with original wheel, the table widens and narrows through the coulisses: blocks of hand-hewn hardwood which, almost like an accordion, fit one inside the other allowing the furniture to open and close.

And, once everything is open, the extensions are inserted, boards that each add space for two diners and that only 1, 2 or 3 can be added.

In short, from 2 people it becomes for 14 guests.

Solidity and sliding coulisse guaranteed, excellent general conditions.

The antique that stands out and is highly functional.

With strips down: cm. 130x64.

Without extensions and straps on: diameter cm. 130. It's round!

Each extension adds 60 cm.


Height: 72 cm

Width: 310 cm

Depth: 130cm

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